LG G3 Review, Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Images, frist impression

LG came back with a bang in the global mobile market in 2013 with the release of LG G2. This handset encompassed the most advanced features and specifications that helped it to rank high in the ranking charts and compete with other brands of smartphones like Google’s Nexus 4 and 5 and Samsung. This flagship phone has undoubtedly helped LG to come back in the limelight, but now it has been endowed with the responsibility of shouldering a bigger challenge i.e. keep up with the momentum and launch a better smartphone in 2014.

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We are yet to receive any confirmation from the manufacturer themselves, but the cyber space is booming with loads of rumors about the expected specifications of upcoming flagship LG G3 Smartphone. Keeping in focus all these gossips, we have conjured up a complete picture of LG G3, the successor of LG G2.


Release Date of LG G3

LG G2 was released in the month of September, 2013 and thus if LG goes by its traditional schedule then we are going to witness the launch of G2’s successor in the last quarter of the current year. However, the acetech journalist of a Korean site ‘asiae.co.kr’ reported that G3 will be released in around 17th May 2014. This date was speculated by the reporters after being tipped by the insiders of the supply chain of LG. They have also opined that the release date of LG G3 was preponed so that this flagship smartphone can compete with the others on equal grounds. We are quite optimistic about this probable release date as because these bunch of reporters were absolutely correct about LG G Pro 2 launch date.

There is another German site named Giga Android which has reported that LG G3 will be released in the month of June and this information has been gathered by them from LG’s insider. In another website ortud.com, a user has commented that LG G3 will be released in the month of July.

LG has now sent out invitations to the G3 launch event which will take place on 27 May.

Display of LG G3

We are expecting LG G3 to come with a 5.5 inch, 1440 x 2560 QHD display screen, which if true will have 534 pixels per inch of the screen. This information about G3 has been confirmed by the same Korean site which has speculated the release date of the phone. However, this particular specification seems to be more ambitious and less realistic. All other competitors of LG G3 i.e. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 is likely to be integrated with 1080 x 1920 HD display and we would not be surprised if LG has a superior quality display as that will give G3 a competitive edge.

Hardware Specification of LG G3

LG G3 is expected to be integrated with Odin processor which is developed by LG themselves. The latest version of this processor, which is supposed to be present in LG G3, will have an octa core version of Odin processor. Out of the eight cores, four cores of the processor are clocked at 2.2 GHz speed and the other four will be clocked at 1.7GHz speed. This is definitely going to make the phone work faster in comparison to its predecessor. As far as RAM support of this handset is concerned we are not really sure about the exact amount, but since LG G2 had 2GB RAM support, G3 will at least have 3GB RAM support.

Operating System

LG G3 will probably be integrated with Android 4.4 KitKat operating system as a mystery handset has been revealed lately with model number LG-D830 which has the same configuration. However, but we are quite sure that it will come with LG’s Optimus user interface and also have inventive features like Knock Code, the next generation KnockOn which allows users to tap a pattern to switch on a phone as well as unlock it.

Camera of LG G3

A popular Korean website ZDNet Korea has stated that LG G3 will be integrated with 16MP sensor, but there are tech geeks who suggest 13MP sensor. A photo taken with such camera specifications was posted in ortud.com and the poster of the photo claimed that this photo was taken by his friend with a camera with 13MP specification. the front facing camera will be 2.1 MP

lg g3 camera sampleChassis of LG G3

Nothing has been revealed yet about the design of this smartphone, but since LG G2 looked absolutely chic we are also expecting the G3 to be better than its predecessor. We are expecting the buttons of this phone to be located at the back of the phone, but since G2 was absolutely awesome, G3 will be no less.

Eye Scanner and Fingerprint

Rumor has it that LG G3 will come with a fingerprint scanner. This has been reported by ETNews, a renowned South Korean tech website. Fingerprint and eye scanner are two features that we are expecting in all flagship smartphones of 2014 like iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One Max and we are very sure that LG G3 is not going to miss out on this feature so as to remain in the league.

Moreover, the tech buffs of ZDNet Korea has also reported that LG G3 might integrate biometric authentications as well like iris scanners or fingerprint scanners so as to make this flagship phone far more secured.

Price of LG G3

We are also not sure about the price of this flagship smartphone, but we are absolutely sure that it will be worth a fortune. But we expect it to be a little less in comparison to Samsung’s or HTC’s flagship phone so as to give their product a competitive edge over others. Buy on Amazon

These are primarily the rumors that surround LG G3 right now; however we are very hopeful that these features will be present in it.

Our Expectations about LG G3

Apart from these rumors that are spinning round LG G3, we are expecting LG G3 to be incorporated with some more features. These are things that we are expecting in G3:

Firstly, G3 must have an eye scanner, though we are not really whether it will have or have not. But it might so happen that we will get to see a sleeker smartphone this time with fingerprint scanner. This would have place LG G3 at a better position than its competitors.

Secondly, iPhones were the only head turners of the yester year. But now HTC and Sony’s Xperia series phones are also in the same league now. Therefore, it is time for LG to pull up their socks and focus on the looks of the phone. Though LG G2 was quite chic, we are expecting G3 to surpass that.

Thirdly, LG G2’s battery was quite commendable and therefore we are expecting G3 to come with a far more superior battery life which will last for at least a few days.

Fourthly, we will be happy to see the next flagship LG phone with a far more superior storage capacity.

Fifthly, Samsung S5 was supposed to come with a 64 bit processor, but however it didn’t happen. Therefore, if LG G3 integrates a 64 bit processor, then it will be able to beat Samsung on this particular aspect quite gracefully.

We will keep updating the readers as soon as we get to hear further confirmation about the specifications or features of LG G3. So stay tuned with us for further updates.

3 thoughts on “LG G3 Review, Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Images, frist impression”

  1. Just hope the delay (if it is really a delay), enables them to include provision for T-Mobile’s upcoming 700MHz A-block spectrum. If you live in an urban area and want improved indoor coverage that is a major improvement worth waiting for.

  2. This is my EXPECTATION for LG G3:
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
    Quad-core Krait 450 at 2.7 GHz
    Quad-cluster Adreno 420 at 600 MHz
    5.3″ (2560x1440P at 554 ppi) QHD LED Backlit IPS LCD Display covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3
    3 GB LPDDR4 VRAM Memory (4.6 GHz)
    16/32 GB Internal Storage with upto 128 GB MicroSD Storage
    3800 mAh Li-Pol Battery with Wireless and Superfast Charging (0-100 in 30 mins)
    16 MP Rear Camera with updated OIS+, Infrared Laser Focus, IR-resin Filter, Optical/Digital Image Processing and f/2.0 Aperture. 4K video at 30 FPS, Full HD video at 60 FPS and HD video at 120 FPS with Video Stabilization and Processing.
    2.4 MP Front Camera with Digital Image Processing and f/2.0 Aperture. Full HD video at 30 FPS.
    Strengthened Plastic with Brushed Metal Finish Backplate
    IP67 or IP68 Water-resistant for 30 mins at 1/1.5m deep water and Dust-proof
    Home Button-integrated Fingerprint Scanner Authentication
    Front Camera-integrated Iris Scanner Authentication
    Hand/Eye Gesture Control upto 10″ away
    LG Concierge Service

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